Reigniting your sacred fire

⚠️  This is not your average coaching session. ⚠️

Activation Sessions are 1:1 medicine sessions with me that focus on one specific area of your life that you could use a good jolt.

Think of these 60min sessions as a lightning bolt of inspiration, energy, and laser focus to reactivate your sacred creative fires 🔥  that are already live in you.

Together we deep dive into the energetics, mindset, and habits that have been holding you back, clear them out, and make space for your highest good to flow—to you and out of you.

This is intense, potent, and long-lasting magic that will continue to activate and transform you way past our physical time together.

Each session is as unique as the soul booking it.

Because of this—and because these sessions require space for divine downloads, there is no “set” format. You dictate the format of our coaching and what you need at this specific moment in your life.

Previous Activation Sessions have included:

🪄 Mini tarot readings
🪄 Movement
🪄 Book readings
🪄 Energetic coaching
🪄 Strategy sessions
🪄 Meditation and/or journeying
🪄 Embodied writing
🪄 Mini astrology session
🪄 And mucho more!

Again, these sessions are a bespoke experience dictated by your answers and energy in your pre-session workbook.

In these bespoke sessions, i have help my flients (friend + client):

🔮 Create a daily spiritual praxis that attunes them to the frequency they want to manifest & attract.
🔮 Plan out their first (or next) book | lead magnet | zine.
🔮 Design a daily movement praxis to help them move out negative energy so they can call in their manifestations.
🔮 Get clear on their next steps so they can . . . quit their day job | start a business | Turn Pro | write a book | launch their product/services.
🔮 Get honest on their soul’s message and purpose so they can begin to create, rooted in their own power.
🔮 Attune to their own medicine + magic so they can start teaching | healing | serving others.
🔮 Make powerful decisions and create plans that will help them bring about their dreams & visions for their life.
🔮 Powerfully listen to themselves so they can hone their magic.
🔮 Deepen their relationship to their intuition

Honestly, the list of transformations possible in our time together goes on and on.

i share how others have used their sessions to help jostle what your soul needs out of the shadows and into view.

Activation Sessions are your time to reconnect to your power, your dreams, your visions, and your magic.

You have a fire waiting to rage inside you.

Let’s ignite it ❤️‍🔥

Every Activation Session includes

❤️‍🔥 Firestarter Activation Welcome Kit including an exclusive meditation, an opening ritual to our work, and pdf workbook
60min Zoom or phone Activation Session (your choice) 
MP3 or Video recording of our session.
❤️‍🔥 Post-session Celebration & Continuation zine with specific-to-you praxis work to keep your fires burning and your inspiration raging. 
❤️‍🔥 The opportunity to use your Activation Session investment towards an Intensive (or other WOKE MAGIC experience) of your choice.  

Investment: $333* 

* 2-part payment plans available $168 deposit & $168 automatically drafted in 30 days. Please note: Activation Session cannot be completed until your account is paid in full. Email with questions.