Birth Chart & 12th House Readings

Birth Chart reading

Birth charts are my absolute favorite tool for self-discovery, personal development, exploration, and knowledge. There is so much magic, transformation, and potent potential to unlock in your birth chart. 

My birth chart readings give an in-depth look into the cosmic blueprint you were born with while also providing keys to unlock your magic, power, and abundance.

My readings focus on a panoramic view of your astrological gifts, obstacles, and portal of power. Each reading also includes embodied praxises to help awaken and deepen your cosmic magic.

How It Works

After clicking on the BOOK NOW button, you’ll be redirected to my appointment & secure payment service, Calendly.

There you will fill out a pre-call Birth Chart Q&A, pay, and set up text reminders (if you want 🤗).

🚨Please allow for a full 48 hours between the day you purchase the reading and the day you book your 1:1. 🚨 As i need time to sit with your answers and birth chart and to allow any downloads that need to happen prior to our time together.

i also ask that in the time between your booking and our meeting that you keep track of any magic, synchronicities, questions, and/or animal/insect/bird sightings that catch your attention. Please keep a record of these to share with me (if you feel comfortable, of course.)

What’s included

🪐 90-min panoramic reading & plática session where we will look at your planets, houses, moon phase you born under, as well as answer any creative, career, moneyi.e. whatever!questions and curiosities you have.  Again, please be open to the real-time magic 🧚🏽‍♀️.
🪐  Visual AND audio recording of your reading.
🪐  Transcript of your reading so you can highlight, deep dive, and conduct any additional research you may want to do.
🪐 1 week of email support post-reading.


Live via Zoom.

Investment: $333

12th House | Shadow Work Reading

We cannot be lightworkers and expect not to cast a shadow. And the biggest way we can lead, heal, and leave the impact we want our work to is to do the work on ourselves first. 

Who this reading is for

Souls who feel called to profound/transformational magic, root, healing, intuitive, and psychic work. For lightworkers, healers, creatives, activists, medicine folx who understand that the shadow is just as important as the light.

This is for the mystics, radical art makers, and those seeking to make their magic flesh by harnessing their otherness, marginalization, and experiences into their powerand powerful art, medicine, and magic. 

In this reading, we dive deep into your 12th house (as well as the 8th + a few others) as we explore your Sun and lightworking through the lens, aspects, and transits of your shadow.

This is the rootwork of lightwork. This is shadow work using the guidance of your birth chart.

🚨 Because this is radical work, unlike my other readings, it comes with the prerequisite of a 15-min free plática before booking to ensure that i am the right guide for this deep journey. 🚨

i’ll also share more in-depth about the tools and what you can expect and answer any & all questions you have.

You can schedule your free plática HERE.

What’s included

🐍 Goody package including a physical Shadow Works workbook made by me & snail-mailed to you
🐍 Video & mp3 recording of your reading
🐍 90-min 12 house reading. While each session is different, this session might include tarot/oracle pulls and/or movement. Again, please be open to the real-time magic.
🐍 1-month sacred space holding with me including
–  Our own private virtual magic portal that will serve as our physical sacred container
– Post-session integration & magical email (and portal) support
– 1 60-min plática Zoom session to be used anytime in our month together.
🐍 30-min embodiment and praxis wrap-up plática to help you root your change in your body and life.


Everythingincluding the readingis delivered and housed in our private magic portal.

Investment: $777*

*Payment plans available: 3 – $259. Please note that an additional $25 will be charged in the first payment to cover the split fees. Please email for the payment plan option. 

Questions about any of the above? Email and i’d be more than happy to help!