September 15, 2022

Moon ♉️

Sacred Creatrix Podcast Ep. 08:  An Art Project’s Origin Story

How the WOKE MAGIC Grimoire came to be. 

💫 SPELLCAST: May this episode inspire you to create, finish, and share your longtime dream creative project. And so it is. 🙏🏽


It started as a soft vision that evolved from the inquiry, “what if there was a lunar planner? One that was based on the cycle of the moon vs. our everyday solar/gregorian calendar?” 

This initial vision included deep dives into the new moon zodiac signs as well as reflection-based guided journal prompts, space for gratitude, and ample room for folxs to jot down their lunations and ruminations. 

It was called New Moon Magic and it cost me $110 to print off at Office Depot. 

That was 2016. 

i put the book up on my website amid a hope, wish, and a deep desire that people would just find it. Like stumble upon it; happenstance into it; like magic. Puff. Spark. Boom. Magic—buyers. Read: i did absolutely nothing to share this 200+ page moon journey planner and journal that i was so so so proud of creating. 

Giving your project no post-creation energy and love is the equivalent of giving birth to anything—a child, puppy, a relationship—that you really really wanted, and then, once it’s arrived, abandoning and ignoring it and still expecting it to give and provide you with happiness, love, abundance. After all that money, time, and desire to see this creation to fruition, i left it all alone in its infancy to fend, live, nourish, and tend for itself. 

Here’s the kicker: I DIDN’T EVEN USE IT 🤦🏽‍♀️It literally just sat there for an entire year. i never picked it up again after picking it up from the printers.

i deemed New Moon Magic a failure and moved on. NEXT!

But the thing about some ideas, some creations is that even though we think we’re done with them, they aren’t done with us and have way bigger plans in store for us than we ever did for them.

At the end of 2020, the energy that inspired the first book reared its head again. 

i was searching for a space that could haus ALL my magic—not just my new moon intentions, not just my daily tarot pulls but everything. One book to rule them all kind of thing. 

But unlike 2016 when the first vision was birthed, this second was entering into a world amid the boom of the moon, where it seemed like everyone was creating some kind of new moon experience, planner, and journal.

Feeling like a fraud even though i knew i wasn’t jumping on a trend, i almost sat on the idea again, honestly believing its time had passed. 

Instead, i remembered what i had always told my flients (friend + clients) whenever they felt like what they desired to create was oversaturated: 

They are not you, and there is always room for more. 

Repeating this to myself gave me permission to just play. To have a bit of fun and to try creating this moon book again. 

What came from that play session was the second iteration called, 2021 Tarot Reading: A Monthly Alchemy of Intersectional Magic for leaders, creators, & spiritual entrepreneurs + artivists. 

Long title, i know. But when you don’t quite know what something is at its core you try to fit all the things it could and wants to be into something tangible—for me this was the title. 

The 2021 Tarot Reading book itself had the seeds of her 3rd incantation within it. It had animal guides, tarot card readings and important astrology for the month, and space for reflection. It was also the first interaction to be created and sold in a 3-month cycle. But instead of a seasonal cycle (which it would ultimately become), i was going to release a new book every solar quarter, i.e. a business quarter, every 3 months with the first one being Jan – March. 

And unlike the last time, i actually shared it. i actually gave it post-birth energy. (You can see the original Instagram + Facebook shares here and here.) And two people bought it! 


The elation didn’t last long because i wasn’t inspired and obsessed about creating it. i was still trying to create something that i thought with my logical brain people needed vs. what i wanted, what i needed, and what called the original idea to me in the first place. 

So the 2021 Tarot Reading book was doomed in a different way—it was a path, yes, but it had no heart and never made it past the first 3 months. 

But the fire for this project never satiated and when Leo season rolled around later that year (2021) my double Leo self felt the firey call to pick up this moonbeam thread again. 

This time i started small. i started at the beginning. i started with a single lunar cycle. i started with a single soul in mind—myself. 

i have always loved the night sky, astronomy, planets, and constellations. You name it; if it’s skyy related i love it. My love for la estrellas began with my father. He would grab his telescope and me, rush us outside, and point to the sky and draw down the stars by tracing patterns with his fingers and giving them names: big dipper. Little dipper. Orion. Orion’s belt. The Milky Way. Haley’s comet. 

The first thing i ever wanted to be was an astronaut. 

The night sky was my portal and invitation into the world of magick and when i found astrology at 11, my entire world big banged. 

And so this time around in creation mode, i infused that love of the night sky, astrology, and magic and entwined it with my love of journaling and writing. And their love child was the third iteration of creation called, New Moon Leo: A WOKE MAGIC Astro/Tarot Journal For Your Shine.

i kept it hidden. i kept it mine. 

But most importantly, i used it every day. And every day it revealed more and more of the synchronicities and magic that was happening all around me. It attuned me to me—and to the thread that connects all things. 

It reconnected me to my own magic. 

And by the end of the 2021 Leo cycle, i was forever, thoroughly changed. 

i was changed because instead of waiting for magick to come to me; instead of looking for someone to anoint me, witch, i showed up for life, saw the magical in the mundane all around me, and recorded the magick i had found—in my daily tarot pulls, in the random conversations i over heard, in my wake up ritual–inside my grimoire. Writing everything down in one book, i could see the patterns of my magick, the habits i wanted to change, and the life i was now consciously manifesting. 

And the dreams! The dreams just budding and the dreams already coming true! 

This was the magickal tool i was searching for. And the tool that was searching for me to birth it waaaay back in 2017.

Needless to say, my magick wasn’t ready. 

i wasn’t ready.

The 2021 New Moon in Leo book became the skeletal system of the first ever WOKE MAGIC Grimoire given as a gift to the 7 folks that had joined me in my latest creation, The WOKE MAGIC Praxis Portal—which is a 3-month mentorship container where folks could praxis and evolve their own medicine + magic.

i soon learned that my life wasn’t the only one that the Grimoire would forever change. 

The folxs in the portal loved it and i was bombarded with stories of how this book has changed their relationship to magick–and themselves. 

After being immersed in so much intense magick, i rested in the Winter and in Spring 2022 unleashed the WOKE MAGIC Grimoire to the world. 

The influx of love, gratitude, & magick experienced with the Grimoire flooded (and continues to flood) my inboxes. 

And i know that i am home, and the WOKE MAGIC Grimoire is home for many other magical beings—myself always included. Each book continues to evolve itself into a more solid ally, wisdom keeper, and gateway to your own magic. 

It will forever continue to evolve with and in you for its magick runs deep and ever flowing. The WOKE MAGIC Grimoire helped me to compose my own story arch, pen my own tale, journal and write my way into a more magickal, empowered, abundant, rich, soulful, and joyful life.

So while the WOKE MAGIC Grimoire has been around a lot longer than a year, today, i’m celebrating, sitting in, and sharing the awe of the WOKE MAGIC Grimoires creation story with you.


It’s like i share in the Welcome note that greets you in every WOKE MAGIC Grimoire edition: 

“You are holding a 4 (now 5) year dream in your hands.

As i’ve shared on Instagram, this book has been in my heart for a long time. (and now you know that story behind that long.) Which means you are also holding a piece of my heart in your hands.

My hope is that by the time you finish this season’s cycle, you’ll be holding pieces of yours as well.”

Every single creation has its own story and journey of how it went from conception to creation to manifestation and into your orbit. 

Every single one of us is also fully capable of living, breathing, and creating our own origin stories. 

And each Grimoire is yet another opportunity for you to write your way into your magical, joyful, rich life too. 

That’s my highest intention for this book–and for you.

Thank you for helping me celebrate what is my favorite magical tool’s birthday! 

And if you’re feeling called, the 2022 Fall edition of the WOKE MAGIC Grimoire is now available to purchase. For $33, you get a book that, if used and infused with all your heart, is guaranteed to change your life. Because you will be finally writing, witnessing, observing, and then living from the learning as you become ALL that you are meant to be.

i love y’all so fucking much!

Until next time i’m wishing you so much magic and creation stories! 💃🏽❤️‍🔥

in lak’ech,

P.S. You can see a visual evolution of the WOKE MAGIC Grimoire in my Instagram WM Grimoire highlights here


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