1 Day Intensive to reconnect to your magic and reclaim your power.

Magic, expression, joy, and abundance are your birthright.

But when was the last time that you actively embodied one (or all) of them?

When was the last time you played in magic; gave yourself over to creative + divine flow; or felt good about your abundance—💰 and beyond?

When was the last time you made space to connect with yourself, your magic, your dreams, and your desires?

If your answer is silence or “too long,” “i don’t know,” or “never,” (or somewhere in between) then this special brew of magic was created just for you!

Own Your Magic is a 1-Day immersive experience to help you reconnect to your magic so you transform your life—for good!


Own Your Magic isn’t about change for transformation’s sake.

This is about rerooting, rewiring, and rebooting your entire self so you can move forward in ALL aspects of your life in your power.

The power gifted to you at birth.

The power of creation, choice, and currency.

The power of making real magic out of your everyday life.

You intuitively know this power. 

Your soul sings out this knowing via the language of longing–in that little inkling and niggle that just won’t go away.

In that sense that you are here for something big, grand–so much more than what you are currently operating in.

In that yearning—that match in your belly ready to strike, craving its full flame.

In that voice insides you that howls out for more. That inner witch that cries out, “I came here for magic!”

i know this because my soul has cried out too.

i came here for magic . . . but then stopped my own journey believing i needed someone outside of my own authority to anoint me as:

Medicine Womxn.
Drag Queen.

Instead of claiming them my own damn self.

Magic calls bullshit.

On all those voices, stories, beliefs that aren’t your own.

Magic calls out everything, everyone, and every energy that doesn’t serve you.

And here’s truth that some don’t want you to know…

You already house all this magic, all this power inside you. 

You just have to access it. 

In this full day of immersive magic, birth chart, tarot + energy readings, and creative + strategic coaching, i am going to give you the tools so you can finally call bullshit on yourself–and all your excuses, doubts, worries, what-ifs, and mental crap chatter that’s been holding you back.

Own Your Magic is a wholly new, intersectional, spiritual, and practical approach to reconnecting and reclaiming your birthrights—and, ultimately, your life.

Own Your Magic will help you go from







Hours of mindlessly scrolling on Instagram obsessing over other people’s lives, bodies, business, and creativity.


Being fully, actively, and authentically engaged, in love, and obsessed with your own damn life.

Always feeling like something is missing from your life


Feeling deeply fulfilled, grateful, and alive with what you already have while consciously cultivating more.

Abdicating your power to change yourself, to the latest self-help, personal development, or magical teacher, trend, and/or course in hopes that THEIR product, or method will CHANGE YOU.


ReRooting, rewilding, and rewiring your power back into yourself, back into your own agency to choose, your sacred sovereignty, and your ancestral strength and medicine.

Feeling agitated, irritable, and impatient with that “OMG! WHEN IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN FOR ME!!!??!?!?”


Trusting the process, your medicine + magic, and your own divine timing.

Feeling like your creativity, productivity, and magic are blocked–or worse that you don’t have these things!


Actively and purposefully engaging with and expressing your innate gifts, talents, and magic every single day.

Not enoughness, “imposter” syndrome, unworthiness, and fear-based choosing (i.e. worrying about what others are going to think/say).


Fully owning, knowing, and moving through life in the fullness of your worth, power, and magic.

Feeling like you are not in control of your life, worrying that it will never happen for you or that you’re just “meant” to be small while everyone else wildly succeeds


To your life, creativity, or business being proof of what is possible. Even if–especially if–you come from a marginalized and oppressed group of folks like i am.

i want all this for you—and more.

i want you to wake up each day knowing that you are living your most connected life, using your magic, and sharing your art to the highest and fullest expression you can.

i want big, luscious, dope, woke magic for you.

i want you to remember, reawaken, and reconnect to the most magical element you own:


You CHOOSE a magical life. A choice that we have to make daily.

And OWN YOUR MAGIC will provide you with all the knowledge, tools, guidance, and downloads to help you make powerful choices and dive back into your birthright of magic.

It’s your time NOW. 

This is your next step.

You Ready? Let’s do this!


Focuses on the 3 pillars of WOKE MAGIC over the course of an entire day. 

We unlock and seed your magical potential.

How: By taking an in-depth look at all the special gifts, medicines, and challenges you were born with via an Intersectional Alchemy Reading—my special blend of birth chart, birth tarot cards, & your animal + elemental allies reading.

Why: All these elements combine to form your unique soulprint. They hold the secrets of the exact medicine you need to break through what’s holding you back and step into your most magical, powerful, and highest self—and life.

Result: You will know, name, & claim your gifts which will empower you to move forward in your life in a radically authentic, and fully aligned with your medicine, way. 


How: By journaling, writing, soul-plática-ing, and visualizing how you want to alchemize your magical discoveries to create the life of magic you’ve always dreamed about. 

Why: Self-reflection & knowing thyself is the only way you can ever truly + lastingly authentically live your magic.

Result: You get clarity on how your magic serves your purpose, mission, and heart-path of your desires and dreams.


How: We strategize and plan via an intensive coaching session ways to help you embody and share your newfound magic in your specific authentic way.

Why: Because in order to live our magic we have to actively be able to express & share our magic in service of ourselves—and others.

Result: Your magical life plan. However you choose to express your magic, we will spend the final part of our day getting crystal clear on how you will go about channeling and expressing the new found magic in your life.

Curious about our day together?

Image this . . .

You wake up charged and ready to align with your day.

You begin by opening and grounding your space, centering your intentions, pulling a guiding tarot card, and settling in for what you could only describe as the BEST, MOST EXTENSIVE, full, magical tarot reading because it’s all about YOU.

Armed with the unique gifts, talents + spirit, animal, and elemental guides you were born with, you settle into a period of reflection and journaling where you really start to put all the pieces of your magic, your life, your gifts, your desires and wishes together.

You’re so excited about all this newfound goodness that you call your favorite magical friend and you spend hours talking about your discoveries, and how you want to use your magic. She then takes you sacred rituals to help you root and mark these energetic shifts of magic.

Revved up you make another cup of tea and sit down with your creative / biz coach who then helps you take all this magic and make it real. Together you strategize and create a plan on how to bring your ideas to life and they pull a few cards and maybe call in their guides to help you further make your dreams a reality.

You end the day with a journaling session and a bespoke praxis plan created by your dream coach to help you keep the momentum and magic of the day going—and growing.

Ahhhhh. You feel divinely charged, rooted in your magic, and prepared for the next steps and phases in your journey.

You are connected. You are whole. You are powerful. And you feel forever changed.

You give gratitude to Universe for this full day of magical attunement and divine alignment knowing even MORE magic is coming your way soon!

All this 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽 and more are waiting for you. 

Everything included in OYM

Get a priceless experience for a short-term $3,333 $1999 LAUNCH SPECIAL investment.*

* 2 | 4 month payment plans. Payments auto drafted every 30 days. ✋🏽 PLEASE NOTE: Your account must be paid in full before we can complete your session.

* BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA scholarships available. Please email support@wokemagic.com for scholarship info.

OWN YOUR MAGIC IS your very own personal Hogwarts. 



Got questions? Or still wondering if this is the right step for you?


In this short plática, i’ll go over any questions, conundrums, or worries/fears you might have. This (as with all my Vibe Calls) are NO PRESSURE calls. i’m here to help you make the best decision for YOU. Not me. i’ve got you! Book a Vibe Call. Or Book your Own Your Magic session.

i love you.

And i can’t wait to swirl in your magic soon!