The Origins of Woke Magic by Brandi Amara skyy

WOKE MAGIC was founded in 2017 upon on my desire to forge visible connections between our spirituality, social justice work, artivism (art + activism), and our own intersectional, multi-dimensional complex personhood* and the roles they all play in our everyday life. 

It was born out my frustration of seeing others (read: white spiritual healers, teachers, and witches) more comfortable with my ancestral medicine than ian ingenious, brown, queer, Mexica gener-queer womxnwas.

It was born out of my anger of seeing my fellow brujxs' works being flat out stolen by mainstream mass market companies like Starbucks and Urban Outfitters. 

But/and/also/all it was born from love—my love of magick, creativity, aesthetics, community, possibility, this amazing planet we all live interconnectivity on. And my personal mission to be proof of what is possible for folxs like us. 

WOKE MAGIC was born from my deep desire to know the origins, stories, and roots of my medicine, teachers, and spiritual tools. Where did those crystals come from? What is my $ supporting when i buy from this shop or that one? What candles, incense, beads were made by the lineage that birthed the manos that created this sacred tool that i'm inviting into my magical workings, space, and spells?

i started this tedious parsing out work for myself, found out that there were others like me, and decided to create a spiritual shop for us by us. 

For the cultura by the cultura. 

WOKE MAGIC has evolved into a company, brand, and bodega that seeks to support BIPOC, Queer, and other marginalized folxs and our allies in living our magick, chasing our Wild Dreams, and changing the world through our medicine and art. 

That being said, the Woke Magic Bodega and i are not perfect. But perfection isn't required to create change—desire, and acting upon that desire is. As is doing the absolutely best we/i/us humxnally can. This is what i hope i & Woke Magic are doing. 🙏🏽

My spellcast is that WOKE MAGICand all its incantations—be one of the many solutions that brings about a more radically inclusive & representational world for the highest good of all involved. 

Woke Magic is my solution seeded in my deep desire to bring conversations of connectedness and intersectionality to our spiritual—as well as real world—altars. 

And ultimately, to ourselves. 

Thank you for supporting our mission to be a blazing part of the solution. 🙏🏽

*The term "complex personhood" was created & originated in Sarah J. Cervenak, Karina L. Cespedes, Caridad Souza, & Andrea Straub's essay, "Imagining Differently: The Politics of Listening in a Feminist Classroom" in the bridge we call home: radical visions for transformation edited by gloria e. anzaldúa and anlouise keating.