Tarot, birth chart, & energy readings with HWIC, brandi amara skyy


Brandi’s personal brew of intersectional magic includes tarot, birth chart reading, elementals, & energy readings. Includes physical Cosmology Of You Soulbook mano-made by them, infused with magic, &  🐌 mailed to you. The most robust, comprehensive, & transformative magical view of you out there. LEARN MORE.

Tarot reading

Intuitive, fully embodied, and divinely downloading messages from Spirit to help lead, open, and guide your way. While Brandi’s tarot specialty is deep transformative inner work, creative expression, and divine alignment for intersectional, BIPOC, & queer folxs, she’s also been a sought out business, creative, and life transitions reader. She offers both email and 1:1 live Zoom readings. LEARN MORE.

Birth chart readings

Your birth chart is #1 and the most comprehensive self-knowledge, discovery, & development tool you own. Discover your cosmic blueprint by booking a birth chart reading. Or deep dive into her chart specialty, 12th House Reading, specifically downloaded for those ready and/or doing Shadow work. LEARN MORE.


Tarot, birth chart, & energy readings with WOKE MAGIC practitioners coming soon!