Tarot Readings


You + Me + Your Question + The Cards = The magic and clarity that only divine connection, communion, and channeling can offer.

Tarot readings are good for souls looking for advice and guidance from the divine for their questions, situations, and circumstances in all aspects of their lifeart, magic, love, expression, family, creativity, self.

And readings can also be open-ended. i have clients who book a session and simply ask, What message do the cards have for me?

Both are potent portals of magic.

Whatever question or conundrum your heart holds, my intention is always to channel the messages of the cards for your highest good.

My Reading brought clarity to what lies ahead on my journey as it related to my question, but also in relation to myself. Brandi gave me all the insight, tools, and even a ritual(!) to take action and move forward. If you’re seeking clarity, I highly recommend her as a tarot reader!


About my tarot reading style

i’m a multi-modality reader who uses my physic + intuitive abilities to help you connect, reflect, & open up to your own potentiality, power, and purpose.

My readings aren’t just 2-dimensional answers to your questions. They are fully embodied experiences whose medicine runs deep and lasts long past our time together.

It’s long-term medicine for your short-term conundrum.

They are meant to be returned to and reread over and over again with each read deepening the magic they have to offer.

My readings are rooted in my 35+ years as an Intersectional, Queer, Two-Spirit, Indigenous artist, performer, activist, and forever student of embodied mystical arts. And they are blend of my own special brand of magic called Intersectional Alchemy. 

My intention with every tarot reading i do is to help you connect, transform, and evolve by offering real-world suggestions, reflections, and praxis based on the card’s medicines.

They are modern-day mini-coaching sessions channeled through the ancient archetypal wisdom of the cards.

QUICK NOTE: Unlike most tarot readers, i do NOT charge by the number of cards and/or the complexity of the spread. i charge based on the time we spend together. This frees up the energy for cards, spreads, and other magic to pop in and out of your reading freely.

More cards don’t always = more information. My goal is to always deliver the highest expression of guidance each and every card has to offer.

Every card holds a deep well of magic. And my Skyy Readings delve deep into the heart of that.

Tarot readings are BIG Magic. And i can’t wait to channel their wisdom for you. 🤗

Wow, Brandi nailed it!!! I was reluctant to ask for “outside” and additional help believing I should be able to figure it ALL out myself. But in my Skyy Reading, found so much confirmation and insight about my career path and direction. I’m truly grateful for this experience.



Email Reading


A beautiful deep dive and physical keepsake of your reading.

Once your reading is booked via my secure Ko-fi shop, you’ll be automatically redirected to a Google form.

Please answer the questions as deeply and fully as you can. i recommend dropping into your sacred space and lighting a candle or some other smoke medicine as you answer the form. Infuse it with your magic and intention and you will receive it back 💯fold.

Your reading will be delivered within 48hours of receiving your completed questionnaire.



💌  Audio recording (mp3) of your reading that you can save & download for future reference.
💌  Transcript of your reading.
💌  An in-depth and all-inclusive look at the spread and cards that appeared in your reading.
💌  Picture of your reading & the sacred space i created specifically for your inquiry.
💌  Beautifully mano-crafted & designed 20+ page PDF book of your reading fully infused with medicine & magic. Just download and print!


i take the utmost care and time in prepping to channel your answer. i create a bespoke sacred space, light a candle, and spend days marinating in your questions and readying myself for your answers.

Because i put a ton of energy into the prework of your reading, your reading will be delivered via email within 7 days (not including weekends)* of receiving your payment & completed Tarot Reading Q Form.

* i do offer emergency tarot readings that have a 24-hour or less turnaround. Investment: $444. Please email emergency@wokemagic.com to book. 

Investment: $222

“This is deep magic. I return to my reading often.”

Keri Anne


How do i know if you are the right tarot reader for me?

Beautiful and very important question, mi gente! Check out my public readings on Instagram (here is one) and read my Code of Ethics. Both are very clear ways to determine if i–and my reading style–are right for you.

Do you offer Refunds on your readings?

No. There are no refunds for readings.

Questions about any of the above? Email questions@wokemagic.com and i’d be more than happy to help!