A 1-day Creative Intensive for spiritual + magical biz owners
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A 1-day Creative Intensive for spiritual + magical biz owners
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You are magic.

And your online home should be too.

You’ve finally made the decision to start a business, build a “brand,” and/or share your medicine + magic on a bigger, bolder, grander scale.

Now what?

While there are many roads you can venture down after making this decision, here’s a lesson i’ve learned the hard way.

Your medicine + magic need a home. A safe, brave, integrative space infused with your magic to land, grow, evolve, and attract your soul gente. 

Creating an online home for your magic is even MORE important if you’re a multi-creative/dimensional/magical being like me—where we have so many beautiful ideas, ofrendas, and things we want to do + change we want to make.

But infusing your website, newsletter, and graphics with your medicine while also trying to create content, write copy, share on social media, create your money systems, grow your fan base, and build a website can be massively overwhelming.

And with so many choices and our deep desire to “get it right,” we often get stuck in the analysis paralysis, “imposter syndrome,” and “not-enoughness,” in this start-up phase.

OR we obsessed over every. single. detail, color, pixel of creating a logo, website, and newsletter that we completely ignore all the other things we need to do to get our business going—like honing our work, crafting our magic, and sharing our medicine.

And then our business never gets growing.

Here’s another truth that most folxs won’t tell you:

Can you make money/have a business without all these things?



if you’re anything like me, you don’t just want to make money, you want to create a fully immersive, radically transformative experience for your people REGARDLESS of whether they invest in your programs, classes, products, or not. 

You want every single interaction with you, your website, your words, and your graphics to be a transformational experience.

And here’s another lesson i learned the long way:

i spent years listening to biz gurus who said i didn’t need a website or pretty branding to start my biz or “build my brand.”


Because these things aren’t just 2-dimensional spaces to capture money or share what i do, they are ALL value-driven and a part of the overall package of my medicine + magic.

And (if you’re still here), this is probably true for you too.

And Turning Pro is the right potion for you.


Website. Newsletter. Design. Copy. Graphics. Created + Delivered with ferocious spirit and velocious speed.

Turning Pro is a done-with-you service that takes your whole self + magic into account in creating virtual spaces that not only look, feel, and sound like you but create energetic and visual experiences for your gente.

Turning Pro is a 1-Day 1:1 intensive where i help guide you from “aspiring” and “amateur” to Pro.

During our day together, we focus on creating the 3 pillars of the foundation of your professional public life: Website, Bio, and Newsletter while also deeply focusing on the aesthetics and energetics of your new virtual home.


One 7.5 hour day solely focused on curating, setting up, and publishing all the must-have elements of your professional shift.

You will leave with a functioning website, a newsletter template ready for your words, a copy that reflects your business’s soul, and a logo that captures your magic.

Everything you need to hit the ground running so you can focus more on doing what you love—your art, product, or service.

BELOW IS A PLAY-BY-PLAY OF THE EXPERIENCE (click on the +  sign to learn more):

1.5 Hour storytelling & vibe session

Via Zoom to riff on your aesthetics, purpose, and go over your pre-work.


Right after our Storytelling & Vibe session, i go into focused web, bio, and newsletter creation mode. You go into chill + sip mimosas mode while i work. OR spend your time going through CEO activities i suggest for this time.

(During this time, i will also be emailing your copy and other graphic elements for your approval.)

1.5-Hour Review

This is a copy and content review and integration + come-down session to refine all your new Pro aesthetics & tools.


On your 9 pieces of MUST-HAVE content–and a logo to boot!–for your new Pro path! (This is your website, bio copy, and newsletter.)

Video + Mp3 Recordings

Of our convos so you can revisit and refine the magic as you move forward.


30-min final wrap-up and encouragement sessions to answer any final Qs and help you navigate any aftershocks and/or obstacles.


Below is a breakdown of the entire experience. Click on the + button to get even more details. 

Turning Pro "Welcome To The Magic" Kit

Snailed mailed to you. Magic includes:

  • Copy of Turning Pro book by Steven Pressfield
  • 1-Card reading (online pdf with audio link)
  • Turning Pro Dreambook: A Book of Vision Casting. (Hard copy).
  • And a few more surprises!
Turning Pro PreWerk

The magic and experience begins the moment that you sign up. As you wait for your snail-mailed Welcome Gift Basket, you’ll be emailed the Pre-Turning Pro Playbook.  This interactive book will guide you through questions, activities, and exercises to help us get clear on your aesthetics, copy needs, and deepest desires for  your site that way we can hit the ground running on your Turning Pro day!

Turn Pro Must Have: 3 Page Website

Built and designed on WordPress. Hosted on Bluehost.* Your website includes:

  • About page (set up, copy, + design)
  • Newsletter page + homepage integration (set up, copy, + design).
  • Home page (set up, copy, + design)

*Please note that hosting cost is not included in the price and must be purchased separately. (approx. $130 for the first year).

Value» $3,000

Turning Pro Must Have: 3 About/Bios

You’ll get 3 publish-ready bios including:

  • Long bio (this will be used on your About page of website).
  • Cocktail bio (about 150 words & can be used as way to introduce yourself while networking).
  • Byline bio (1-sentence bio that can be used on social media outlets)>

Value » $2,000


Set up and designed in ConvertKit. This also includes:

  • Embedded AND freestanding signup forms
  • Header design
  • BONUS: Designed-for-you newsletter template that you can use immediately to send out your first newsletter!

Value » $1,000


This includes:

  • Startup logo
  • Plus designed-for-you newsletter header, About website header, Home page header, and contact header (your bonus web page).

Value » $1500+


Your bonuses include everything you need to continue the Glow Up on your own! Bonuses include:

  • Zine: 100 Things You Can You Write About to use for blog and/or newsletter).
  • Checklist: Now What? To help you keep the momentum going without a hiccup!
  • Video tutorial: WordPress 101 So you can quickly learn in under 30mins what took me years to learn. You’ll learn about creating more pages, blog posts, and so much more!
  • Audio pep talk: To listen to whenever things feel less than grand.
  • Post sess call: 30-min audio-only phone chat to check-in and wrap up any last Qs or issues.
  • Visibility: 1-year spot on client wall with a link to your website & services.
  • Website bonus #1: Contact page (with or without a form)
  • Website bonus #2: Social media integration (i.e. icons to the social links of your choosing at the bottom of your site).

Turning Pro

You’ll leave our time together with . . .

  • A ready-to-publish website.
  • Brand graphics to share.
  • Ready-to-send newsletter.
  • Bios for every occasion.
  • Videos for easy site & newsletter upkeep.
  • Confidence that everything in your online orbit is 100% radically YOU.
  • Plan + strategy of where to go, what to do next!

Turning pro is $11,500 value for $6,000 investment.*

Due to the extensive nature and energy of this work, i only offer 7 of these intensives a year. CURRENTLY: i have 6 slots available for the remainder of 2022 (ending November 15th.) Book your free 30-min discovery call to learn more and find out if this is the next best step for you.

This call is a pressure-free, no hard-sell plática. i only want the absolute best for you and if it’s not this, i’ll let you know that too.

But the only way to know for sure is for us to vibe this out together. 

This call is 💯  free. 

You’ve got nothing to lose–except your amateur status and excuses.

* Payment plans + BIPOC, LGTQIA+ scholarships available as follows:

      • 2 | 4 | 6 month payment plans
      • 3 scholarships available every year: $3K (1) , $1500 (1), $1000 (1)taken

Please make sure to mark in your pre-questionnaire which option (if any) you are interested in when you book your call.

When i first started out i spent what would be equivalent to 2+ years just trying to figure out the backend of my business. That was 2 years too many–and waaaaaay to much money to waste (and, in all transparency, money i didn’t have.)

All of that led me to a feeling of stagnation–that feeling of being on a hamster wheel of busy work and not the work that balms the yearning and aching of expression in my soul.

Turning Pro takes that feeling of stagnation away from you.

Turning Pro saves you thousands of dollars (and the frustration that goes along with trying to manage multiple people doing something that takes consistency and connection).

Turning Pro will shave off years of you trying to learn code, web design, and the rabbit hole of indecision of what colors, logo, newsletter company, i.e all the shit that isn’t “supposed to matter” but does to you but you.

Your website, newsletter, copy, and graphics are an extension of your magic.

Turning Pro will make sure it is all as it should be 🙏🏽.



Visual Aesthetics

With heart, spirit, and massive healing + medicinal qualities. My goal is to get your spirit and soul deeply embedded in your online presence. 

words as medicine

Your words are wands. Not just for yourself but for your flients as well. Together we find the right words and sentences for you and your clients!

Portals of Transformation

Your frequency + vibe are infused in every aspect and corner of your business. Together we build portals of transformation—not just another website & newsletter.

Legacy Building

For yourself and the next 7 generations. We laydown the bedrock for your site, visuals, & newlsetter to be the vechile in which you blaze your medicine path so that others may forever follow.

Turning Pro

Is for you if…

  • You already know the craft, business, idea, brand, art that you want to Turn Pro in.
  • You don’t want to waste any more time that you don’t have.
  • You’re wanting quality and bespoke done-with-you services.
  • You’re ready to level up and go full-out in your art/biz/service.

Turning Pro

Is NOT for you if…

  • You don’t know what you want to Turn Pro at. Meaning you’re still in the “idea-generating” or “still don’t know what i want to do” phase.
  • You want to DIY it.
  • You’re not willing to put in the work. Yes, i’m doing all the actual creation, but you still have to help me get to know the lay of YOUR land + vision.
  • You’re looking for a quick, cheap fix. This is about quality, care, and energetics. All of which require reciprocity.

Let’s create your wonderland of magic together.