i’m a solitary witch. 

i like to study, praxis, and connect to the divine in solitude. i’ve always been that way. 

But i’ve also been around long enough to know that transformation and change don’t happen when we stick with only the things we know–the things that are comfortable. Comforting. i also know that life transformation–in the direction of living our truth and owning our magic–doesn’t happen in a vacuum, i.e. alone in our rooms with nothing but our own thoughts to brush up against. 

No. Change and true transformation happen in movement, when we are out about living life. When we are challenged and, yes, even triggered, by the world around us and the society we live in. 

But what we DO, how we alchemize our challenging and triggering moments ultimately define who we become–and the kind of medicine + magic we bring into the world. And we cannot do this kind of deep work in a silo. Our hearts and evolution require us to be around folxs that we trust to reveal our humxness too, i.e. who we are in the midst of the messy process of learning, growing, evolving; praxising our medicine + magic; and trying to figure out how we want to use our gifts and voice to change the world. 

That’s the value of a Coven. That’s the power of community. That’s the medicine of a circle.

And that’s the intention, energy, and magic i’m invoking and calling in in our WM Coven of magick.

And the medicine i’m calling out in YOU.

As i was answering this call to haus, hold, and create this Coven, visions, agreements, and clarifications of our space were passed down to me. 

i share them below, in the unedited channeled manner in which they were gifted to me. 

Light a candle as you read them. 🕯

They are a form of magic too. 🪶

Coven Spellcasting & Invocation

In the WOKE MAGIC Coven, we are together not the same–and never expecting sameness.

We are for the solitary and the communal witch–and all the hues in-between. We are for the queers, the marginalized, the Othered, the struggling, the rebels, changemakers, cyclebreakers, and our allies. 

The purpose of our Coven is to be our BEST selves:

  • Be the familia, support, and safe/brave/inclusive space we’ve been looking for.
  • Evolve, learn, and grow together.
  • Share in our celebrations, struggles, & plateaus of becoming witch/artist/magic/biz owner [enter who you are becoming here] with a community that witnesses, listens, and holds you–without judgment. 
  • Transform + foster our sacred activist/artivis & hone our magical + creative skills to be agents of change–for ourselves and the world

But/and/also to have fun, stay woke, normalize our emotions, create dope shit together, test stuff out, cry, laugh, bitch & moan, have each other’s back, and ultimately experience what a real, supportive, magical, and intersectional community looks and feels like. 

We won’t always get it right, but we WILL always be progressing forward for the highest good of all involved. 

My 🖤 goal for our Coven: To be the BEST money you spend each month because it gives you an invaluable return. 


Vision & Intention


To be a space of connection and community. As a born solitary witch, i know from experience that connection via a community does not come organically to some of us. This is also how i know that us lone wolves will most deeply benefit from this kind of communal medicine. 


To be a space where you can praxis showing up for yourself, your dreams, your medicine + magic–and support others on their journey towards fullness as well. Specifically, a space where you can relax, reconnect, rejuvenate, and renew your spiritual + magical + creative commitments to yourself. 


To be a space where we learn, grow, and experiment with magic together. As a collective, but also as the individual changemakers, cyclebreakers, healers, artists, medicine keepers, witches, brujas, psychics, and other magic makers we already are–and the ones we came here to be. 

$11 Monthly OR $122 Annually*

Join our WOKE MAGIC Coven

*This special founders rate ends October 1, 2022. Lock in this rate for the duration of your membership by joining now!

Open Invitation

Stay as long as the medicine + magic are useful to you. Leave when they’re not. And feel free to return whenever the fire in your soul needs rekindling. 

i/we/us are here, always. 

i also feel that it’s important for you to know that this is my safe, brave, integrative space too. Meaning, i am venturing down all these journeys with you while also simultaneously sharing everything i’m discovering, learning, and implementing along the way. i’m always going to be 100 and completely real and raw with you. And i’m 100% devoted to showing up and sharing everything i know–about magic, life, business, drag, and performance–with you. 

But this also is a Coven of service–my service and desire to be one part of the solution by fostering the growth and potential of magical beings + agents of change.  

Your $11 monthly Coven dues unlock all this magic:

        • A snail-mailed official WM Coven Welcome kit! It includes Coven exclusive goodies and a personal note from me.
        • Access to our private, off-Facebook, Coven on Mighty Networks. AND access to our WOKE MAGIC gente network that includes even more goodies, books, and other resources. 
        • Monthly Coven exclusive theme-focused magic mentorship + spiritual coaching on topics like coming out of the spiritual closet, magic from the intersections, mindset magic, and topics that we as a Coven collectively feel we need. 
        • Pop-up seasonal LIVES–topics will range from Q&As, workshops, hot-seat coaching, card pulls, new/full moon medicine. Our monthly live topics are determined by our energy as a collective. These will be recorded and housed in our Mighty Networks.
        • A Coven-only resource library that will continuously grow filled with books, toolkits, journals, + other resources to help you grow + praxis your magic. 
        • A supportive community of like-vision & mind individuals who are just as committed to your growth as their own.

    🎉 And i’m super excited to announce that ALL Coveners who join (and stay in) our circle from now until October 1, 2022 will be part of our Founders Inner Circle! 

    As our Founding Inner Circle (FIC) members, you’ll . . . 

          • Be grandfathered in at the $11 monthly rate, if/when our Coven dues increase. (The dues reset to the current due rate if you decide to leave and come back to the Coven.)
          •  AND! You’ll have access (for as long as you’re a FIC member) to the brand new mini-magic membership we’re creating, Magic Curious! This mini-membership is going to be chock full of magical classes, courses, and guides to help you learn & deepen your praxis of magic.

    It launches on October 1st to the public and will then be separate (and a separate investment) from our Coven.

    But you can get all the future magic by heeding the call to join our Coven now!

    $11 Monthly or $122 Annually*

    Join our WOKE MAGIC Coven

    *This special founders rate ends October 1, 2022. Lock in this rate for the duration of your membership by joining now!