Calling ALL WOKE MAGIC makers, healers, creators, artivists,  activists, and practitioners. We are calling in your stories, medicine, magic, and words for an upcoming anthology.

To listen to this call for submissions, click HERE. Or this direct link: https://soundcloud.com/brandi-amara-skyy/woke-magic-submissions/s-Q2wD7ZpA9Ht 

Title: WOKE MAGIC (subtitled TBD)

Who: We are looking for magical + spiritual practitioners, artivist (art + activism), writers, makers, and teachers whose work, art, and magic exist in the intersections of activism, embodiment, and magic. We are looking for magic makers whose art + magic are brewed to create systemic, personal, and global change on multi-dimensional levels. Magicians, healers, curanderas, &  naguals whose praxis of magic is twofold—to change, grow, and transmute themselves and the world.

If you are a magic maker who is harnessing their gifts to create change now, we want to amplify, celebrate, and hear from you!

About the project:  This magical collective will explore the realms of magic, spirituality, and alchemy from intersectional, queer, BIPOC, and marginalized magical perspectives. In mainstream narratives of spirituality (as well as the publishing industry) the voices of our gente have been appropriated, overlooked, and undervalued.

But our seeds have been sprouting and are ready for a full bloom eruption and disruption. The time is now. Because Intersectional, Queer, & BIPOC makers, writers, artists, and healers have been actively taking up space and making their voices and ancestral claims to their own medicine and magic known. A new consciousness is being re-membered and publicly reclaimed and we want this anthology to usher in the age of change. We want this work to take up BIG space in metaphysical narratives as well as create a safe, brave, and space for us to come together and share our experiences, contextualize ourselves in our art and magic, and thus be proof of lineage as well as a pathway for other marginalized magic makers to root and rise their own magic.

Our highest vision and intention we hold for this anthology is to root ourselves back into narratives of spirituality, medicine, and magic to revolutionize the spiritual industry to look more like us.

What we are looking for: We want to engage with all aspects of our gente creating, living, sustaining, and being magic as well as inserting our intersectional voices and spectrum of experiences within it. We also want to go deep into the conversations we  need to be having with ourselves, our magical tools, where they came from, and why this knowledge is important. We want critical thought & praxis essays about race, art, + magic; what is appropriation and what is appreciation—and why you feel each is so; and how we can live and create the solution NOW, in our lifetime.

Because this is a book about cyclebreakers, and we want to share stories of how (and what) cycles you’re breaking with your art + magic.


Some other ideas that could be explored:

  • Personal stories on why/how you came to your magical path.
  • Poetry about magic & spirituality.
  • Specific spells, rituals, ceremonies that help you live and praxis in the intersections of magic and activism.
  • How-Tos on magic making, magic casting, divination, art-making.
  • Conversations and explorations around spirituality and money.
  • Opinion (as well as academic) pieces about the whitewashing and appropriation of western spirituality. And pieces that challenge these notions as well.
  • Artwork in any medium that encapsulates the essence & soul of WOKE MAGIC
  • Tips and/or advice for future/current magic makers about any part of the magical process.
  • How art + magic & activism show up and are woven into your work—and why it’s important.
  • Essays, stories, experiences, and praxis articles on spiritual activism/artivism
  • Essays, interviews, and autohistoria-teoría about your reclamation & proclamation of your magic.
  • Comics and/or tiny graphic novels about magical, spiritual, artivist things
  • Moon/Sun magic (please make sure that these submissions are infused with your own special blend of magic vs. something that can be Googled).
  • Astrology and/or tarot intersectional, embodiment praxises
  • How you use magic as a form of activism.

These are just ideas to get your creative magical juices flowing! Please don’t limit yourself with this list! We want your experiences, your creativity, and your magic. Because this anthology is deeply committed to representing work that offers innovative ways of seeing the world, ourselves, or a specific problem.

We also LOVE multi-media submissions that will help create fully embodied and sensory experiences for our readers—think playlists, articles that link to audio or visual classes; pictures of you in your ancestral indigenous and/or native adornment; ritual pictures—whatever Spirit is moving you to share.

Publisher: WOKE MAGIC Press. Fall 2022.

Submission Guidelines: Once your submission is completed, please fill out this form (here’s the direct link: https://bit.ly/wokemagicsubmit) to submit your ofrenda. We suggest glancing over the form to ensure you have everything needed to submit on hand.

We also accept snail mail submissions. Please note all submissions are non-returnable. Mail your copy of your work to WOKE MAGIC THE BOOK, PO Box 195212, Dallas, TX 75219.

We are not accepting works that have been previously published elsewhere (unless we’ve contacted you about it). All works chosen to be included will receive a modest stipend, a byline bio with website/socials in the book, as well as a copy of it.

Submission Deadline: December 31, 2021. All magic makers will be notified regardless of inclusion early 2022. Please do not email us about your submission. We are a small staff of souls stretching our capacity to hold mucho mas magical things. We PROMISE we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Please feel free to send any questions, comments, and/or ideas to:


To learn more about the WOKE MAGIC galaxy, head over to www.wokemagic.com or click here for a quick visual breakdown of what’s in our orbit. To learn more about the magical soul behind WOKE MAGIC, click here.