WOKE MAGIC Press (WMP) is a small but mighty publishing haus with a whole lot of heart and a BIG mission to create the kind of world we want to live in NOW.

We are a haus of Intersectionality. 

We are also a collective who are doing the work we are requiring of our authors and the world. Meaning, we are continually unlearning, deepening, and broadening our anti-ism work*, and being real-world models of the kind of change we wish to see ✊🏾. 

Our mission as an indie publishing haus is to revolutionize the spiritual publishing industry by infusing our publishing process with the same care, energy, and passion as every maker puts into their book, deck, and/or art.

 We are committed and bound to our vision of radical inclusivity in spiritual space and making sure the books, authors, stories, and genres look more like us. 


Intersectional, Queer, BIPOC, Disabled, and Marginalized Independent creators, healers, visionaries, changemakers. 

We are not looking to haus creators who are already published with another major publishing house.
Caveat: we ARE open to rehoming you if you no longer feel like BIG Money Pub no longer aligns with your values and mission.


BOOKS: Our sweet spot is working with authors who are midway to almost finished with their manuscripts.

DECKS: Same. Strong ideas with sample cards are our jam.

If you’re just starting out, we want to hear from you too!! #leavenovisionarybehind

We are always open to being pitched a passion-filled, mission-rooted idea in need of a bit of physical manifesting help. 

To get started, fill out this pitch form. If we feel your idea aligns with our vibe, we’ll reach out to you to schedule a short 15-min plática with one of our creative guides. 

Even if you’re not a fit for us, you are for someone. We’ll share that with you too so your not just waiting around or checking your email every minute. We’ve been there before. And we don’t want to do it to you. 


As of right now, we are NOT accepting simultaneous submissions.  Why? Because we aren’t playing a numbers game–and we don’t want to collaborate with humxns who are either. What that means is, we are consciously stating our boundaries to turn off creators who are in such a rush to get published that they’ll “settle” for ANY publisher.

We are NOT just any publisher. We are haus with ganas and heart. Full and devoted to reciprocity and conscious decision-making on all sides.

We want the work and souls we haus to be too.

Plus, it’s really important in the artistic creation process that both all souls involved want to be there, creating and co-collaborating with each other.

We want YOU to want to work with and be a part of our haus as much as we do you.



Devotion. Commitment. To your vision and art. We are a gente of creators, healers, writers, and makers ourselves. And we are are deeply devoted to putting wholehearted, representational, radical work into the world–whether it’s our own or someone else’s.

(R)Evolution doesn’t happen on a linear timeline. And neither will our mission to transform the lack of representation in the publishing industry–specifically in the spiritual realm.

Please be patient when waiting to hear back from us. We are grassroots, but we are growing.

🗓 Current callback timeline: 3 to 4 weeks.



*Anti-ism work is what we call the interconnected work of dismantling racism, ableism, sexism, genderism, colonialism–all. the isms. We are not free until ALL of US of FREE.


For Tarot/Oracle card specifics, click HERE

If you are interested in becoming one of our gente in the realm of books (including zines & graphic novels) here are the genres and subject areas we publish: 

🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Queer/LGBTQ+ (Drag, memoirs, essays, theories)

🔮🕯 Spirituality/Metaphysics, Personal growth/development, & Intersectionality (Memoirs, graphic novels, theories)

✊🏾🧑🏾‍🎨 Art/Activism (Memoirs, how-to-manuals, theory)

🃏💫 Tarot/Oracle Cards (See specific guidelines below.)

    But please feel free to pitch outside or amid the intersections of these genres! 

    These are in place as guides, but please know we are deeply committed to representing genres that offer innovative ways of seeing the world, ourselves, or a specific problem.

    To get a better feel for the kind of books and decks we are looking for, check out our, We wish we would have published that list HERE.

    Not sure if you or your work is the “right fit?” Here are a few things we DO NOT publish:

    ❌ Fiction (for now)

    ❌ Work that appropriates ancestral indigenous ceremonies, lineage, and culture

    If you’re still unsure if our haus is for you, review our mission and feel into whether or not you’d be a good fit.

    For more information on the genres we cover and WOKE MAGIC’s mission, click here

    Ready to go? Click here to read our pitch details.

    Submissions open on the 1st of our favorite month, October 2022!


    For book specifics, click HERE

    WMP is looking to publish decks that represent communities, ideas, energies, and archetypes that are not represented by mainstream society. We are looking for decks from folx who have created their deck out of a need for representation, as a bridge, and/or as a vision for the kind of world they want to live in. 

    Specifically, we are looking for decks:

    🤲🏽❤️‍🔥 That the creator has had their hands, heart, and souls in the entire process–from images to layout to the guide book–WOKE MAGIC is only interested in publishing tarot oracle decks where the creator was involved in (or was) the entire process of start to finish.

    🦄 🐉 That are unique in tone, energy, and representation 

    ✅ 💡Completed decks and/or decks that have a strong idea/concept (please see the “proposals” section of the guidelines.

    Ready to go? Click here to read our pitch details.

    Submissions open on the 1st of our favorite month, October 2022!



    Here’s how it all goes down.

    All the details and how-to submit will be added to this page on October 1st, 2021. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we open our submission doors for the VERY FIRST TIME! 

    We are so excited to share this haus with you. 

    And your work with the world. 

    Thank you for wanting to build our re-membered world alongside us. ✊🏾

    Viva la Gente!